Three Reads w/ Bix Skahill

Great Thursday and we’re on our way to Friday, everyone. Thank you for letting your eyes rest on this page. We’ve got a real “three reads” treat in store for you today, in this, our sixth installment of the series. If you want to catch up, bring yourself up to date on what “reads” we’ve been toting, check out the choices of Dustin Reade, Amanda Billings, Daniel Vlasaty, Andy de Fonseca, and Tiffany Scandal. And who, might you fairly ask, is the lucky duck contributor for today’s big NUMBER SIX? Well…

Today’s contributor is the author of the raucously funny and strange book Babes in Gangland, none other than, Bix Skahill. So, as the nature of this bestselling series goes, Bix has chosen three books that he’s enjoyed, books that he’s going to share with you and give you a sentence or three about what made each book tick for him. In doing so, you might, just might, maybe, probably be spurred on to check out something you haven’t read before, yeah? Yeah!@#%$! Wait. I am. Calm down. Just say, “yeah,” okay? Okay. Yeah. Good.

Good. And what do those fierce wordslingers among us, those warriors of Word, have to say about Bix Skahill? Let’s find out:

“[Babes in Gangland] is a tour de force of criminal hilarity…” – Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of We Live Inside You and Extinction Journals

“Easily the funniest NBAS book of the year, Babes in Gangland is an engaging, messed up Bizarro ride.” – Vince Kramer, author of Death Machines of Death and Gigantic Death Worm

“A unique twist on Bizarro.” – MP Johnson, author of Dungeons and Drag Queens and The After-Life of Pork Knuckles Malone

“I hate people and things but I loved this book.” – Geoff Sass, guitarist and chief song-writer for Governor of Utah

(Cue drum roll)

(Cue mounting applause)

And now, without further whips and chains of wit, I present to you Mr. Bix Skahill’s “three reads,” a trio of fine literary works explicated in a precise fashion for your reading pleasure. Take it away, Bix.


Fever by Megan Abbott
To laud this much lauded book is a bit redundant but I loved it. No one does the teen/sex/death thing better than Abbott and her books are always creepy and engaging. Much like 2012’s Dare Me, I couldn’t put The Fever down. If you want to stay up late into the night, I highly recommend this book.


The Last Goddam Hollywood Movie by John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow
I read everything these two geniuses write but when they pen something together, look out! Perhaps it’s because I made my living as a screenwriter for a decade in the beautiful cesspool that is Hollywood that I so loved this book but I think everyone would find this book a pleasant kick in the ass. The Last Goddam Hollywood Movie is an apocalyptic tale about a movie crew trying to complete a film as the world around them ends. Great stuff.


Low Down Death Right Easy by J. David Osborne
Whenever I read a Jim Thompson book I want to simultaneously keep reading it forever and bury it in the backyard so that I never have to look at it again. They make me too anxious but are so damn entertaining. That’s the way I felt about Osborne’s book. Low Down Death Right Easy is a gritty Southern tale about two brothers who get mixed up in a crime. You know nothing good is going to come of this and nothing does. Osborne’s prose is flawless as is his execution.

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