Three Reads w/ Dustin Reade

Welcome to Wednesday, you fiction-loving devils. Thank you for being here. Ready to get your eyes wet with today’s “Three Reads?” Well, you better be, because we are. If you enjoy today’s article, consider reading the “three reads” of our past contributors, Eraserhead Press authors Amanda Billings, Daniel Vlasaty, Andy de Fonseca, and Tiffany Scandal.

Now, what shall we say about Mr. Dustin Reade, author of the superbly strange and funny book, Grambo? And how could such a charming young man write such grambo-liciously bizarre Bizarro fiction? Ask the mustache. It’s always a factor. And, if you haven’t read Reade’s book already, here’s an inadequate, but hopefully tasteful glimpse. Grambo is a book about raging grandmothers and mascots, about certain evil academics and vengeance. It’s a real hoot not for the faint of heart. Here’s what a few of the literary shamans among us have to say about it:

“Like Estelle Getty got an action film career launched in the 80’s. Dustin Reade is seriously funny (and twisted violent, holy crow). Real conversational, fast-paced writing.” – Michael Kazepis, author of Long Lost Dog Of It

” All you need to know is that Grambo spoofs both Rambo-style revenge and high school comedy and has some truly weird moments. When I read a book from a new writer published by Eraserhead, this is pretty much what I’m expecting (in a satisfying way, not a trite way). It’s fun, funny, ludicrously violent, weird, and brief.” – Gary Arthur Brown, author of Kitten

“Man, I wish my name was effin’ Dustin Reade!” – Douglas Hackle, author of Clown Tear Junkies

Excellent, indeed, folks. And now, silence my spat of unmanly grief with a fork to the tongue and let’s get on to the meat of the matter. The meat is this: Dustin has chosen three books that have, of recent times, stirred him to life and he’s going to share them with you now. Dustin, are you here? Take it away, good sir!


REPO SHARK, by Cody Goodfellow

This book was crazy awesome. Basically, the lead “singer” dude from Die Antwerp is running around in an old Elmore Leonard detective novel. Only, instead of Detroit and gritty realism, it’s set in Hawaii, and is bat shit insane.


CHARLES MANSON NOW by Marlin Marynick

This is up there with Helter Skelter and The Shadow Over Santa Susana as far as Manson-related writings go. Marynick delves into not only the facts of the Manson Family murders, but also explores the myths surrounding Manson himself, as well as the strange fascination the case and the man holds for some people (like myself). The book includes pictures the other books tend to leave out: Manson’s artwork (including a spider made from the elastic of his underwear), letters, and more. If you are a Mansonophile, I highly recommend this book.



I cannot begin to express how much fun this book is: masturbating teenagers, strange little troll-type people, Voodoo Pimps, and breast implants. It is fun, gory, and just plain awesome. After I read it, I talked about it so much the author asked me to write an intro for the rerelease. I did. It’s awesome too.

Well, there you have it, ladies and grambos. I hope this gives your mind something palatable to chew on. If you’re like me, you’ve already bitten off more books than you can chew and you’re looking for a way to slam more books down your word-hungry throat. Am I right? Hey, it’s that time, again. What time is that? IT’S TIME TO READ A BOOK! GET OUT OF HERE!

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