Three Reads w/ Andy de Fonseca

Yesterday, I posted “Three Reads w/ Tiffany Scandal,” the first in a six part installment that features my fellow 2013-2014 New Bizarro Author Series authors speaking briefly about three books that they’ve read and found worthy of sharing.


Today’s author is Andy de Fonseca, author of The Cheat Code for God ModeTake heed, she is a force, but don’t take my word for it. There are others more eloquent than myself who speak fondly of her skills:


“Check this book out, because de Foncesca is going to be around for a while, and this book didn’t read like a “new author” book. The intelligent design behind the book’s composition is a display of narrative talent, and a deeper understanding of how these attributes can affect a story. Well done.”
Vincenzo Bilof, Necropolis Now, Zombie Ascension


“The Cheat Code For God Mode is what Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One SHOULD have been… [and] what The Matrix COULD have been… It’s a lot like Neil deGrasse Tyson is sitting on the couch playing video games with you while you’re both stoned. It’s through this clever writing that the story really comes to life.”
Michael Allen Rose, Declension


“She has put together a strange, but familiar landscape, without tedious over explanation. Margy is just the right kind of abrasive, and her strength is not undercut by falling into tropes. In fact, Andy doesn’t shy away from calling that opportunity out, and keeps her female fully capable to face her struggle. I couldn’t be a bigger cheerleader for this NBAS title, and can’t wait to see what other worlds Andy will take us to.”
Sauda Namir, Model, Photographer


And now, without further ado, I present Andy de Fonseca’s three reads:


Don 1


I’ve been a Don Hertzfeldt fan for over a decade and have seen him three or four times now. Each time Hertzfeldt comes out with something I am moved. His short film series It’s Such A Beautiful Day left me shaking.


And that’s how THE END OF THE WORLD left me. The art is haunting in that there are specs of humor in the horror. Every image tells a nightmare for the person in the situation, but being the voyeur, we find humor in it. And that’s where it gets you, because you’re in the middle; the image and words are laughing at the situation, but being on the outside, you want to connect with characters, and therefore, want to feel what they’re feeling. So it’s almost as if you’re the one being laughed at.


Fuck, did that make any sense?? You’ll just have to read it.




Am I going to be unpopular for putting such a commercial book on here? I apologize to people who don’t read popular things because they’re popular. I don’t understand that mindset to begin with, but whatever. Fantasy, especially epic fantasy, is a huge love of mine. I started reading ASOIAF when I was having HBO GOT withdrawals, and the books were the drugs I needed. I think I read them to remind myself how shitty I am at writing fantasy, and how much I need to up my game.


As most know, Martin writes fantastic female characters who are dynamic, well rounded, and have their own voice. When two ladies get together, they don’t chat about boys and yogurt, more like murder. It’s glorious. And not all of them are sweet princesses. There’s that bitch Cersei and moron Catelyn Stark.


Dragons, sex, wars, heroes in the form of dwarves, bandits, and murderers – I love it. Yeah, there are detail paragraphs I skip over, and I can’t remember every bloody hedge knight’s name, but I keep turning the pages, and rooting for my favorites, and grinding my teeth when they die.




With The Cheat Code for God Mode, I don’t think it’s a secret I love this shit. I read through The Universe in a Nutshell again recently because it’s a great source for ideas. I think science is better than magic, and the best place to get unique stories. Hawking, Cthulhu bless him, does such a great job explaining these insanely complex theories for the dumbnuts like me in the world. Where I can wrap my mind around P and C symmetry and the multiverse and the effects of dark energy and what you can do with it. And what’s even better, there are PICTURES. So if you’ve ever thought ‘no way can I understand this shit’, YOU CAN, because PICTURES.


Seriously, it makes it easier.


So, yeah, read up on some Hawking if you wanna feel like the smartest person in the world. You won’t be, but you’ll feel the mind power.



Thank you, Andy de Fonseca, and thank you, dear reader for sticking around. I hope you find value in de Fonesca’s choices and may your day be filled with a treasure trove of great books.

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