Three Reads w/ Tiffany Scandal

Tiffany Scandal’s Eraserhead Press release There’s No Happy Ending has been talked about in the following ways:

“Her stories are spooky and twisted, yet somehow delicate. Like a venus flytrap, I suppose . . . something unsettling and gorgeous to freak you out and enrapture you.” –Kevin Shamel, author of Rotten Little Animals  and Island of the Super People

Tiffany Scandal is one of the most exciting new voices to emerge in years. A deft, masterful mix of both bizarro and horror. I definitely can’t wait to read what she writes next!” –Brian Keene, author of The Rising and Ghoul
“Powerful scenes, real characters, unforgettable images, and a climax that satisfies both the story and the reader simultaneously. Yes, yes, yes.” –Laura Lee Bahr, author of Haunt
I asked her (and my fellow New Bizarro Author Series authors) to list three books that they’ve read (recently or not so recently) that have had an impact on them. What follows are Tiffany’s choices followed by a brief sentence about that impact. So, without further ado, I present these three reads with Tiffany Scandal:
Juliet Escoria Black Cloud
BLACK CLOUD, by Juliet Escoria. 

I read this book in one sitting and it still haunts me today. It was everything I loved about Hempel and Plath, but modern, darker, and more badass. 
Kazepis Long Lost Dog of it
All associations with this author aside, this book is genuinely different than anything else out there today. A beautifully written story about fucked up people trying to get by and find happiness during an economic crisis. 
violet levoit
LeVoit’s writing is bold. Possible postpartum depression underlying the most intense body horror I’ve ever read in my life. Reading this book felt like a punch to the groin while in a bloody bar fight.
For an in-depth peek into Tiffany’s mind, check out this awesome interview. I hope this post gives you some insight–now go read some books!!!

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