Mutagon II is Now Available in Paperback through Dynatox Ministries

MUTAGON II by: Jamie Grefe (Holy Mountain Outreach imprint of Dynatox Ministries): $7.00

Ned came to me in Michigan. Ned’s hands were made of blenders, but that shifted to a suit full of knives and slugs. He got himself in a debacle in the desert and things were not set to turn out right. Yes, old Ned got himself into a bug-scuttle with the wrong folks, and no one, not even Ned, could have foreseen the all too messy end embodied in the weight of the Mutagon II.

And yes, as of today, July the sixth, of this year of our Lord, two thousand and fourteen, I am pleased to announce that MUTAGON II in its beautiful paperback form is available as a pre-order through the Holy Mountain Outreach imprint of Dynatox Ministries.

Note: If you are not familiar with the Dynatox Ministries press way of doing things, listen up. Dynatox offers their books as pre-order only, and when they are gone, they are gone. As physical books, they are limited, so order now, place that pre-order and know that your seven dollars, your seven hard earned dollars, are going to get you a limited paperback by a valiant small press out of New Jersey. And know this, dear reader, that those words, this story of MUTAGON II have been crafted for me and you, for us to enjoy through the years–a kind of literary collaboration, if you will. And things will get sticky in this heat. It’s a good time to read.



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