Jamie Grefe:

Pronounced “Greh-fee:” director, screenwriter, author, crafts tightly woven, compelling narratives for international audiences.

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Narrative Obsessions:

…the sublime body, natural beauty, the fictional manifestations of excess, insane action, loud cars, revenge narratives, Grindhouse, death cults, contemplative thought, creature features, slasher studies, mind expansion, telekinetic warfare, true love, nightmares, Miyazaki, Lynchian dreamscapes, Filmirage fever dreams, and the sublime as envisioned by Jodorowsky, Zulawski, or Sono Sion.

An Assemblage of Works:



“Grefe is a lyricist of the grotesque, an ultrasensualist with an ultraviolent imagination that would put Anthony Burgess to shame. He writes odes to the destruction of the human body so sonically rich they’ll make you marvel at the possibilities of the English language even as you gag on your breakfast.” – Katie Farris, author of boysgirls

“He cradles his reader in effulgent terror: divinatory sentences composed of guts—literal disemboweled organs and blood and blood and blood, effrontery without fear: glinted clauses, gilded metaphors—pure and bold sentences that scaffold terror, fright, and torture to make demonic houses that will eat you up in their intelligent grace. And blood. Did I mention blood yet?” – Lily Hoang, author of A Bestiary

“Jamie’s words flow like the notes of an epic concerto, pulling you in with the assured alacrity of a master conductor, his cadence and pacing sexy, lyrical and hyper-visual.” – Shane Douglas Keene – Horrortalk.com

“A fantastic writer who thoroughly ‘gets’ the subtleties of any style he decides to tackle. Jamie writes with a combination of playfulness and skill so sorely lacking in today’s literary scene.” – Gregg TurkingtonOn Cinema, Victorville Film Archive 

“Grefe creates stories to seduce, hypnotize, and cast a marvelous spell on the reader. He is a true wizard of words. So turn the page and the enjoy the magic.” – Jim Wynorski, screenwriter and director of Chopping Mall

Special Thanks:

Johnny Martin, Peter Malota, Prince Bagdasarian, Shane Ryan, Rene Perez, Kristoffer Kjornes, PFFR, John Kearns Jr., Tom Six, Rooster Republic Press, Bizarro Pulp Press, Eraserhead Press, Jimmy Bean, Vincenzo Bilof, Tim Heidecker, Jay Burleson, Spike Marlowe, Jordan Krall, R.A. Harris, Eric Westerlind, Stephen Graham Jones, Katie Farris, Lily Hoang, Andrew Morgan, Jim Wynorski, Joel Potrykus, Gregg Turkington, Will Oldham, Arthur Graham, Stephen Black, H and A + Z and N, John “Johnny Unicorn” Adams, and the list goes on and on–unending, spiraling, forever and ever.